Hong Kong: Day 10

The final day. 

We were pretty sombre knowing that the trip was coming to an end. Secretly though, I was still rather excited about the 12.5hr flight home. I love plane food sooo much. And the little socks you get... Anyway, we hopped on the metro once again and headed to check in our bags. It's actually a pretty cool system. You can go to central station and check your bags in there so you don't have to worry about doing at the airport. Does everywhere have this?! Such a brilliant idea. It meant that we were luggage free and ready to enjoy our final day. 

There was still another top 10 attraction we were yet to tick off. Victoria Peak. We had left it till the last day and luckily the weather was perfect. We got the taxi up and skipped the huge queue for the tram. In the taxi it took hardly any time at all. At the top, you can go on a free viewing deck (in the building opposite the tram station) and have a great view of HK. You can see the surrounding islands on one side and the full extent of HK's skyscrapers on the other. After grabbing our final bite at Pacific Coffee Company, we headed down to get the return tram ride back to Central.

We hopped off and headed for another great viewing spot of HK. Earlier in the week we'd been told that you could get great views from the free Bank of China viewing platform. Before we didn't have sufficient id to get in (passports) and so came back on the final day. I'm glad we did because the views were just as good as from the peak. Here you could see all the people scuttling around like ants and the cars looked like little toys in a Lego world. 

Our next stop was the Mandarin Oriental. We'd booked a reservation a couple of days before after hearing about the afternoon tea there. We arrived a bit early, eager, but were quickly taken to our seats on the sofa- right under one of the several chandeliers. First I had a mocha... and then another. The scones were served warm and with plenty of clotted cream (which I of course got all over my dress). As for the sandwiches, I liked them all because I'm not fussy. The cakes were different though. One had black sesame in so I left that one for Ed. The others were absolutely scrumptious. Having afternoon tea was the perfect way to commemorate the end of our time in Hong Kong. Ed was also lovely and got me a wonderful Links London charm to remind me of our trip. 

We still had a little time before we had to hop on the airport express and head home. For the very last time we went to the IFC mall and watched the Symphony of Lights show.

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  1. Ooh, I love Hong Kong, looks like you're having an amazing time!

    Clare from Tweet xx