Hong Kong: Day 3

It's been a while since I went on holiday and so I was pretty excited for our scheduled beach day. We chose to go to Repulse Bay as it was fairly easy to get to and there were shark nets about to keep us safe. Getting there was fairly easy. Just get the metro to central and then hop on a bus out of the city towards Stanley. Although we got there fairly early the beach was already pretty busy. Repulse Bay is a tourist hive. There was enough space to swim around but umbrellas everywhere and people taking photos against the stunning backdrop. If you want a more quiet beach I'd definitely recommend heading further out. The quality of the water wasn't pristine either but we were happy enough.

We picked one of the hottest days to go (it was a scorching 38c at one point) and so after a while we decided to venture for some cool refreshments. If you want anything you need to head up from the beach and up the hill. We went up some stairs and eventually found Repulse Bay Hotel. In the plaza there were shops, cafes and restaurants. We found Pacific Coffee Company and decided to grab a bite. This was a beginning of a perfect relationship. It was this day that I had the best frappichino (or chillino as they call them) I've ever tasted. I ordered the mocha brownie chillino and it was filled with creamy goodness and chunks of brownie. Just what you want for a hot summers day! The panini was full of delicious goats cheese and bigger than those you get in the Costa back here. To treat ourselves we got an Oreo cheesecake to share and ate it outside by the fountain. This didn't disappoint either. And so you see how my undying love for Pacific Coffee Company began. 

After having a snoop around the plaza (and watching some turtles for a good while) we headed to the bus stop. We hopped back on towards the city and got off a deep water bay. This is the beach just before Repulse Bay. It was a little quieter and calmer than Repulse Bay, but that could just have been as it was later in the day. I mainly did some sunbathing and started reading North and South. It was lovely to be able to just chill after having been on the move so much over the past few days. The day over all was so very relaxing. We left just as the sun was beginning to set and ended the evening by going on our first tram ride. 

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  1. Great photos!! That Oreo cheesecake looks delicious! :)