Hong Kong: Day 2

While I'm glad to be finally reflecting on everything that happened in Hong Kong,  it was does make me feel very holiday sick as I prepare for another long day of work tomorrow. 
Alas, Day 2 went as follows: 

After getting up slightly later than planned, we hopped on the metro and headed to Mongkok to visit the ladies market. 

I thought the ladies market was going to be larger and spread over 3 streets but it turned out to only be along 1 street. Still, it went a long way. There were so many stalls selling all kinds of things. I've been to markets before where as you soon as you lay eyes on something you are fairly committed to buying it. Here though, the sellers left us to our own devices and let us look around. I bought as silk kimono in the first five minutes and at a stall further down got a pretty lilac dress that caught my eye. If you want to find souvenirs the ladies market is perfect. There are chopsticks, teapots and fans galore. 

Sunday is a busy day to go around Hong Kong. The streets were full and after a couple of hours around the market we were pretty tired. Thankfully the guidebook ( DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Hong Kong) pointed out the perfect place to grab some dim sum for lunch. The map showed it to be just around the corner. We searched for ages for this restaurant. For a while we should googling it and wondering how it could be so hidden. A friendly local girl noticed that we looked a little lost and asked if we needed help. It was a good job she did as she informed us that the restaurant was very good for dim sum but had relocated. The girl was really helpful and took her time to help us find where to go. Eventually we located Tim Ho Wan and sat down to a very late lunch. 

Personally, I think the food we got at Tim Ho Wan completely made up for the hours spent searching for it. We were served tea straight away and then set about ordering some Chinese dim sum! The menu itself had us a little boggled but the people on the table next to us helped us fill it out. You just but a little cross by the dishes you want and your table number at the top. Like with most of the restaurants in Hong Kong, the service was speedy and efficient and in no time dumplings and turnip cake was on our table. In truth, we probably ordered too much for just two people. There were so many great dishes! And it's so cheap! For both of us it was probably around £10. If you are in Hong Kong and want a cheap lunch I would go to Tim Ho Wan. And please try the bbq pork buns. They were sweet, rich and stuffed with delicious pork yumminess.

We left full with dim sum. But, there was, of course, some room left in the desert stomach. We grabbed some cupcakes from inside Olympian City and ate them in the sun. The evening was then spent meeting E's parents and dining at Chinese restaurant near Times Square. Hong Kong is the best place to get food. Not all of it is cheap but, as we found, after a little looking you can get great value for your money.

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