Hong Kong: Day 7


It was decided another chillaxing kind of day would be good. Stanley was decided as the destination and so we hopped on the same bus we got to Repulse Bay and drove further from Hong Kong Central. I wish I'd read more about Stanley before going. One thing we did find was Murray House. Our guide book told us that this building was moved from the center to it's current location, brick by brick. 

After grabbing a bite at our new favourite cafe (Pacific Coffee Company) we had a quick look around the market. It was different to the ladies market. Less crowded and the items had prices so less haggling as a consequence. We were in search of one thing though, a I heart HK t shirt. If you want touristy items this is the place to go. We got 3 of the t-shirts for a reduced price and I picked up a cute little panda toy while I was there. Once we had what we wanted we crossed over the road and headed for Stanley's sandy beaches.

This beach was pretty different to repulse bay. It was less crowded but smaller and with less shady spots. We set up camp under a tree near the back and found that the french tourists we'd seen at repulse bay were right next to us again. After swimming to the raft and back I had a snooze and read of North and South on the kindle. It was round about then that Jack Wills turned up and started doing a photoshoot right in front of us. Despite my attempts to get in the background I think I failed and will not be appearing the new Hong Kong Jack Wills advertisement. 

Stanley is the perfect place for lounging around and on the seafront by Murray House there's plenty of places you can sip cocktails. There's pizza express and European atmosphere to match the old colonial architecture. Oh and there's a supermarket in a old police station. Pretty cool, ey?

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