Glasgow Green

Wearing: Topshop Coat (ebay); Dress: DIY, Shoes: Topshop

Most of this weekend was spent moping around feeling sorry for our poorly stomachs. We did manage to go for a short stroll around the green though. I was so glad for the fresh air too. Sometimes I feel all I need to feel better is a walk outside. Being cooped up never does me good and I inevitably begin stressing about small things. Outside I do some people watching in the park or run around some fields and everything gets put in perspective again. It seems that wherever I am I always need a place to go and clear my mind. Does anyone else find that? Back home I used to walk in my favourite fields whenever I was stressed and worried. Walking along the coast at university has helped me think through so many problems. Even in the city, I need a spot to be alone and weigh up the real scale of my worries. Before winter well and truly hits I pledge to get outside as much as possible. 

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