Hong Kong: Day 4


Unlike many of my friends, I've never been to Disneyland. My parents preferred resort hotels and seaside trips in the UK instead of jet setting off to see Mickey. So as you can imagine, I was pretty excited about visiting Disneyland HK. We set off on the HK express metro line. My day started off well. Not only did the carriages have mickey shaped windows but the insides were also Mickey-fied with special handles and seats. The journey is pretty quick and you arrive at the dedicated Disney station, just a minutes walk from the entrance. One con I would mention is that the tickets are $450 HK dollars. I thought this was pretty steep but I don't know how much a Disney experience costs. I wanted my value for money and therefore on entering the park my expectations were high. 

In attempt to skip the queues we headed straight for the big rides. Space Mountain was already packed so we grabbed a fast track ticket for that and then went to check out the Grizzly Grouch ride. In full wild west style you are put into some rusty waggons and sent into the gold mine. Originally I didn't think the ride looked to good but there is a twist in the bears story which was quite entertaining. It was also fun to hear the man in front of us scream his head off. Mystic Manor was the next stop. This is a sit down story ride around a haunted type mansion. It's based around a mischievous monkey called Albert. I think he's supposed to look cute with his big eyes and fluffy tail but I just found him darn right creepy. I enjoyed the ride and can see how it would be scary for younger children but it wasn't the best story. One plus is that the ques are fairly fast moving and there are things to keep you occupied along the way. 

Lunch was next. We opted for Banquet Hall where we had a choice of different foods. I went to for big cheeseburger which was satisfying. You could also get mickey mouse pizza and bento boxes. We topped up on water too as it was probably one of the hottest days of far.The indoor rides are great because they all have Arctic air conditioning systems. (Almost forgot, I had the most amazing waffle as an after lunch snack. Bloody spensive but oh so good.)

Our Space Mountain slot came around and boy was it worth getting the fast track ticket earlier! We headed straight inside and had to queue for probably about 5 minutes max. I loved the star trek feel to the place too. The ride itself was awesome. It was dark and full of twists and turns. My only complaint is that it seemed quite short. Seeing the planets and stars whizzing around was so pretty. It made me want to go on the other space mountain rides some time. After going on a few more rides, including 'its a small world', we headed back into Hong Kong. The day was pretty exhausting but well worth the travelling. I'm not sure the price was right for what you got but it was an experience I won't forgot.

We freshened up and set about finding dinner. Eventually we decided against cheap noodles and opted for the Italian Restaurant 'Bene'. It was the first place we were served water for free instead of tea and so already very different. It was our holiday so we went all out. I got a passion fruit smoothie which was super refreshing after our long day. 

There were so many options on mains but I decided to go for the goats cheese calzone. I was so glad I did because it was the best calzone I've had anywhere. The dough was so thick and filling. I was stuffed after finishing the last bit but still had room in the desert stomach. We had a passion fruit cake with chocolate. The texture was kind of funny for a cake but the sauces were delicious. Bene was one of my favourite meals that week. It felt a bit strange having Italian when there was so much cheap Chinese food close by but the change was nice. Now my aim is to recreate that dough and make my own scrummy calzone. Thankfully Great British Bake Off is back to help me on the way.

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