Into The Fog

Wearing: Vintage blazer, h&m dress, handmade snood, Primark boots

 Fog is amazing isn't it? A low cloud has settled over the town today and given even the most mundane places a mysterious nature. I came out of my lectures early and headed straight to the beach. I could hear the see in the distance but to my sight it was hidden by the fog blanketing the entire coast. I mainly wanted to show you the snood I've just finished crocheting. It's so snug. For the first day in a long time I feel like I can brave the outdoor in just two layers, rather than ten. If I had my way, I'd spend this day wandering about in a long cape reading Dicken's 'A Tale of Two Cities' and Sherlock Holmes. But, alas, deadlines loom. I'll sit inside instead and watch the fog silently lift itself off the sand. 


I know it's late, but I just wanted to upload this wee doodle I did for valentines. Cupid sure did well this valentines. I spend the weekend with lover boy eating lots of yummy food, ice skating and considering how very strange the film 'her' is. 

Glasgow Necropolis

Now, spending my weekends strolling on the beach is kind of normal. Spending my free days roaming through cemeteries maybe isn't so normal. In my town there was a cemetery I used to go and wander when I wanted to get away from things. They are usually pretty empty places and as always I'm drawn to objects or structures that can tell stories about the past. 

A couple of weeks ago, I dragged my boyfriend out into the rain to go explore the Glasgow Necropolis. We'd been waiting for a nice dry day to go but, it being Scotland, the chances of such a day appearing were looking slim. Reflecting on it, the gloom and rain only added the effect of the Necropolis. The Necropolis, meaning 'city of the dead', is a Victorian cemetery set just behind Glasgow Cathedral.  Walking around the graveyard you can see the french influences and different era's style of burial. The eerie atmosphere and array of elaborate family tombs made for a visit that I'll be sure to remember. If you are the type, like myself, that finds exploring cemeteries pretty interesting then I'd definitely recommend taking a visit. I do believe there is also a walking tour that runs if you want to hear more about the history of the city and those who were buried there. 


For some reason, I started collecting Schweepes little glass bottles a couple of years ago. I am partial to a G&T now and then but I'd mainly get one in order to try and gain another cute bottle. There have been several occasions when I've attempted to adopt a new 'Baby Schweepe' and my heart has been torn as the bar staff whisk them away to put in the bin. The few I do have are stacked against my window sill.
 I'm often drawn to collecting small bits and bobs because they all tend to remind me of a particular day or occasion. Each rocks and shell hold a special memory. For instance, I remember getting this shell pictured when I went for a run to take my mind off loads of stress at the time. I picked it up on a secret beach I discovered round the coast and it reminds me that sometimes escaping from the bubble I'm in can be good. I'd be really interested in finding out other peoples collections. Do you collect them just as a hobbie or do they hold nostalgic feelings and thoughts?

Wild Seas

Wearing: Vintage Coat from Ebay, Vintage blazer, Vintage jumper, Hunter wellies, and homemade snood and headband.  

Everyone who knows me is well aware of how much I enjoy being outside. Even though it was raining all day (and hailing when I started taking these photos) I felt the need to go outside and clear my head. I've been spending a lot of, probably too much, time alone lately and the sea is a welcome friend. Some students like to spend the weekend partying but I'd much rather grab my wellies and go for a splash in the sea. Now I'm just looking forward to the sun making an appearance. Wearing around 10 layers everyday and at least 2 snoods is beginning to get tiresome. Saying that, I do love getting the opportunity to wear my big sheepskin coat and feel all snug.