Pollock House

Wearing: Vintage Shirt, Vintage Cardigan, Vintage Skirt, Crocheted Snood, and Topshop shoes.

All photos by my lover boy and me

 Last weekend we went on an adventure to Pollock House and Country Park in Glasgow. It's only a couple of minutes away on the train from Glasgow Central and definitely worth the trip. If you are in the area, go check it out. The grounds and gardens are wonderful and I can't wait to go back in the summer when all flowers will be in full bloom. Most of the day we spent having fun by jumping over puddles and exploring the maze at the back of the house. Despite what the photos suggest, it was a miserable day weather wise. I would have been much better in my wellies than my new Topshop shoes. But hey ho, that's Scotland for you. 

 Inside the house is just as good as the grounds. The National Trust for Scotland staff are super friendly and taught me loads about the extensive Spanish art collection. Our little trip was the perfect ending to the Christmas Holidays. Sadly, that time is over and it's back to studying. I'm counting down the days till Easter Break already. 


  1. The house looks gorgeous and I love your outfit - the ribbon really compliments your hair! :)

  2. the weather looks pretty amazing :) and super cute outfit.