The Peaky Blinders

For ages my friend went on at me to watch Peaky Blinders. When I finally got round to doing so, I couldn't thank her enough for the recommendation. The BBC series is set in Birmingham (close to where I'm from) and tells the tale of a group of illegal bookmakers in the 1920s. One reason you should watch it- the very handsome Cillian Murphy plays the lead. Second, it's a bloody brilliant drama. But, most importantly, it's history. I love television dramas that inspire me to look into the true events and go in search of newspaper cuttings. For me, the programme is even more of a draw as it helps me understand somewhere local to me. Before, Birmingham was a place where I went to get some fabric and thrift some goods from cow vintages. Whereas now, I'm intrigued by the industrial buildings and the everyday lives of those who strolled the city lanes decades ago.

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