Afternoon Tea in Edinburgh

Just before Christmas I was given a lovely surprise. My boyfriend decided to take me to the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh for afternoon tea. After walking up to the castle and having a wander around the Christmas market, we headed to the hotel. The practicalities of what to wear were a concern for me. I thought it would be a pretty dressy but once inside it seemed a lot more casual then I'd originally thought. I wore my dress from warehouse and didn't want to look too fancy so my cardigan stayed on. I hate being overdressed as much as I hate being under dressed for an occasion.  

The afternoon tea itself was divine. The Balmoral Hotel lived up to its expectations and the staff were wonderful. To start I had a gingerbread latte (which was later topped up). Then all the courses started rolling out. The scones and cheesy bites were my favourites. The desert tray was also amazing but by that point I was absolutely stuffed. All of the items are so tiny I thought there would be plenty of room in the desert stomach but apparently not. Overall the whole atmosphere was just perfect for a special day out. There was even a harpist playing Christmas tunes! Gah. I want to go back. If you are looking to go somewhere in Scotland for afternoon tea, I'd definitely recommend it.


  1. What a lovely surprise! The Balmoral sounds like a fantastic place for afternoon tea--my favourite meal by far--but I shall have to remember to fast beforehand to get the most out of the dessert tray!

  2. lovely photos <3
    I really want to visit Scotland!