Pen to paper

Writing a letter first thing in the morning is a lovely way to begin the day. It gets me in the mood to be productive and cheerful. A few months back my mother dearest sent me up a little parcel full of goodies. One of which was this writing set from Paperchase. The little animal sketches are so cute and it all has a beautiful woodland feel to it. In the set comes 10 sheets of white and brown paper, tons of woodland creature stickers and 10 envelopes to pop your stamps onto. The brown paper is my favourite so I'm saving that for some super special letters. This year I'd love to send a letter or postcard once a week. When I get letters I jump about like Harry when the owls went full force of the Hogwarts delivery. Usually letters I get are mundane- from the dentist or bank. The world should write more letters. It's so wonderful to receive a fresh envelope telling you that you're thought of instead of a summons to pay your vet bill. 


  1. I'm trying to write more letters as well this year. There's something refreshing about only thinking about the paper in front of you and it's such an encouragement to receive a letter!

  2. Such beautiful notepaper! I was once an avid letter writer but haven't penned any in years. Maybe I'll add that to my list of things to reinspire my 2014.

  3. Lovely stationary! I love writing letters...I wrote many in 2012 but never heard back from the person of interest...Oh well, your blog is very pretty!