Because reading matters...

I'm a complete bookworm and I love it when people reuse books to make art. I remember my art teacher at school assigning a class to come up with literary art by folding the pages. When all the books were put onto the wall it looked pretty amazing. I've never seen any literary art quite as detailed as these sculptures though.  They were found around Edinburgh in libraries and left by an anonymous artist 'in support of libraries, books, words, ideas'. If you get the chance to go the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh anytime, go check them out (and then have a coffee in The Elephant House). I'd like to try and recreate my own book sculpture of Peter Pan but I'm not sure it would turn out so well. 


  1. I love book art too--there's always tax law books and terrible serials to turn into sculptures anyway, so the finest literary creations don't have to be harmed. ;)

  2. Wow these are amazing- There's something so sinister and fairytale-like about them. Perhaps the fifty shades of grey series would finally have some purpose if it was tore up and turned into something resembling actual art! :D x