Wild Seas

Wearing: Vintage Coat from Ebay, Vintage blazer, Vintage jumper, Hunter wellies, and homemade snood and headband.  

Everyone who knows me is well aware of how much I enjoy being outside. Even though it was raining all day (and hailing when I started taking these photos) I felt the need to go outside and clear my head. I've been spending a lot of, probably too much, time alone lately and the sea is a welcome friend. Some students like to spend the weekend partying but I'd much rather grab my wellies and go for a splash in the sea. Now I'm just looking forward to the sun making an appearance. Wearing around 10 layers everyday and at least 2 snoods is beginning to get tiresome. Saying that, I do love getting the opportunity to wear my big sheepskin coat and feel all snug. 


  1. Great pictures! I get that need to go out for fresh air a lot too :)

  2. The coat looks so comfy and I never thought about wearing rain boots to the beach before! Thats a perfect way to put them in use even on not rainy days :)


  3. I love the ocean---have you seen that quote that goes "the cure for anything is salt water: tears, sweat, or the sea"? I feel like that's extremely pertinent to these pictures. That first picture is beautiful, with the clouds rolling overhead.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  4. such a cute outfit!

    love your blog...just bookmarked it. would love you to give me some advice on my blog!