Time Drifter

Boy, it's been a while. This week has been hectic. I had a bunch of deadlines that involved doing some pretty awful stats analyses. It was also the anniversary of my day of birth! The working put a bit of a downer on my birthday celebrations but overall the day was rather lovely. I refused to work all day and instead went to play some Frisbee in the sun. This weekend was also full of work but I managed to fit in some short walks along the beach. I love when the sea is so calm on days like these. They are just what I need to take my mind off everything and help me refocus on what really matters. 

p.s: I was super spoilt and got a sewing machine for my birthday! But I think I'll dedicate a whole post to that another time. Watch this space for some diys and homemade dresses. 

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  1. It's amazing what the sea can do to relax your mind. Beautiful photos! Happy belated birthday! =)