Blazing Red

Wearing: Vintage shirt, Vintage Jumper, Aspire shoes, Vintage skirt

This week required some red. I had a lot of stuff to get done and wearing red made me feel prepared to attack those essays with some force. I actually took these photos a couple of days back now. A lot of the snaps came out too pink. Clearly my camera couldn't handle the drastic change in my outfit choices from all blue to pretty dang red. 

Usually, when I get dressed my choices depend on my mood. A lot of my mood in the morning is mostly influenced by the weather. If I can see that it's set to rain for a good 24 hours then I'll pick out something dark, cosy and perfect for dragging though the fields with my copy of Jane Eyre. Other times, when the sun beams through my curtains, my hand dives straight for a floral dress that will be perfect for flouncing around town. On this particular day, I knew I needed to get down to business. Wearing red always makes me feel powerful and ready to check through my to do list. Whether I manage to is another matter entirely.  


  1. ah, i adore your outfit here! the bow heels are so darling. this location is a beauty as well!

    lindsey louise

  2. Such an adorable outfit! love the shoes :D

  3. Wearing red always makes me feel powerful, too. I love wearing a dark, almost blood, red. It's a toss-up between that and purple for my favourite colour. Good luck with the essays!

  4. that color is so pretty! it looks amazing on you :)

  5. Such a cute outfit,
    Love the red with the lovely collar detail.


  6. How darling!!! Seriously, you rock the red. :) And the vintage aspects are all quite lovely. xx