On The Rocks

Wearing: Vintage shirt, blazer and skirt, Regatta coat and Topshop shoes

Blue is with beyond doubt my favourite colour to wear. I have numerous blue ribbons, navy shirts, baby blue knits and even my pale blue practical waterproof. Over the years, my wardrobe has become almost completely full of blue items. Once I was on a trip with some random people and I remember a girl complaining about how much she hated black and navy being put together in an outfit. Black and navy is my go to. As I've grown up I seem to have become a lot darker in my choice of shades but always stuck with blue being at the core. To me, blue and black are classy. I'm sure as the summer months creep in, as they are even up here in Scotland, I'll add some warmer colours to my outfits. For now though, I'm quite happy camouflaging into the bright blue sea and chilly azure skies. 


  1. You look lovely and I also love your hair braid :) xx

  2. such lovely photos <3


  3. lovely outfit and the photos are amazing :)


  4. Lovely photos! I've just become interested in blue recently, I've never liked it, therefore I don't have any blue items in my wardrobe except for two pairs of blue jeans...but it's actually such a nice, gloomy color looks so great on other redheads, that I wanna try it too...:)