Into The Fog

Wearing: Vintage blazer, h&m dress, handmade snood, Primark boots

 Fog is amazing isn't it? A low cloud has settled over the town today and given even the most mundane places a mysterious nature. I came out of my lectures early and headed straight to the beach. I could hear the see in the distance but to my sight it was hidden by the fog blanketing the entire coast. I mainly wanted to show you the snood I've just finished crocheting. It's so snug. For the first day in a long time I feel like I can brave the outdoor in just two layers, rather than ten. If I had my way, I'd spend this day wandering about in a long cape reading Dicken's 'A Tale of Two Cities' and Sherlock Holmes. But, alas, deadlines loom. I'll sit inside instead and watch the fog silently lift itself off the sand. 


  1. Beautiful photos. I love your outfit! And the fog has such a beautiful and mysterious quality that always has me pondering about a few things in life.

  2. wow these pictures are briliant! love the fog there and
    of course your look: amazing!
    nice blog, new follower :)
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  3. Such atmospheric photos. Love the third one
    Lucia's Loves

  4. Oh I really love that blazer paired with the chunky scarf! Gorgeous outfit :)

  5. I love your photos. Well, actually, I love fog, love the coast, love your color scheme...and your photos. I'm gonna follow you...! :D