For some reason, I started collecting Schweepes little glass bottles a couple of years ago. I am partial to a G&T now and then but I'd mainly get one in order to try and gain another cute bottle. There have been several occasions when I've attempted to adopt a new 'Baby Schweepe' and my heart has been torn as the bar staff whisk them away to put in the bin. The few I do have are stacked against my window sill.
 I'm often drawn to collecting small bits and bobs because they all tend to remind me of a particular day or occasion. Each rocks and shell hold a special memory. For instance, I remember getting this shell pictured when I went for a run to take my mind off loads of stress at the time. I picked it up on a secret beach I discovered round the coast and it reminds me that sometimes escaping from the bubble I'm in can be good. I'd be really interested in finding out other peoples collections. Do you collect them just as a hobbie or do they hold nostalgic feelings and thoughts?


  1. I don't really collect anything really! Though I have odd bits around my room that I've saved from holidays etc - like I have a shell on my window sill that I've had since I was about 14!

  2. Does collecting clothes count? :P I had a Chinese stamp collection when I was small, and I think some of them were quite valuable, but I've since lost the set :( I guess I'm just not suited to collect small things!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  3. I've never been much of a collector (other than books). I do have bouts of trying to hang on to ticket stubs and special birthday cards, but eventually I get fed up of the clutter and chuck them in the recycling!