Wearing: Topshop coat (ebay); Primark dress; Character shoes 

Studying has begun again and I'm facing the facts that the long summer days are over. I had to buy bike lights the other day because cycling home at 10pm is no longer valid without them. That's always an indicator. As much as I will miss the long summer days and lazying about, I'm excited for fall. It's officially my favourite season. So far, I haven't noticed too many leaves falling off the trees but it happen very soon. I always find that if your not careful you miss Autumn. It seems like such a short season: the leaves all suddenly fall off and then there is suddenly a dark, grim array of bare trees covering the landscape. I therefore intend to get out into the woodlands as much as possible and watch the transformation from greens into searing reds and yellows. As the new season alters, I'm set for my own changes. This year is going to be one of the most important yet. Not only is my goal to do the best I can academically, but I also want to work on my character. When I come back university I always have a tendency to remain quiet and shrink into my shell a bit. I've known these people for a while now and I don't want to be a quiet girl in the corner. As much as I'll miss my friends back home, I need to start branching out and building strong relationships here. This means being bold even when I'm scared of the changes. 

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