Golden Hour

Wearing: Topshop coat (ebay); topshop shoe; thrifted jumper and skirt. 

For some reason, every time I write a post it tends to focus on the weather. Maybe that's because it's related to my studies. Maybe it's because i'm British. Who knows. Anyway, it's been pretty dang cold in my opinion. I get itchy feet when I stay inside too long and have been forcing myself to go on at least short walks each day. Snuggling up with coco and books is lovely but I often feel like I'll go crazy if I don't get fresh air. The other day we escaped the buzz a little by walking up to the canal just before sunset. This coat has lasted me well through this winter and I've worn it so much that it's probably due a trip to the dry cleaners. As much as I like wrapping up all snug, in  fluffy jumpers and long socks, I'm so ready for spring. I can't wait to bare my legs again, wear less than four layers and go on long walks without it getting dark so early. I know it's only January but is anyone else musing about spring already?


  1. Love how the sun shines off your hair in the first photo! There is something awesome about fresh air!

  2. I love these photos. I can't wait until its spring too, I'm fed up of only really seeing a few hours of sunlight, and I can't wait until its reasonable to wear florals again

  3. love that coat! I definitely have the same issue of always discussing the weather in my blog posts, but it makes sense since it affects the clothes you wear. Also I'm definitely with you on counting down till spring. I love winter layers but I can only take being cooped up inside for so long. Hurry up spring!

    Also I'm now following your blog! thanks for the sweet comment on mine :)


  4. love these photos, your hair looks so nice! I am ready for Spring too. the weather in Florida is always really nice during the spring time :)


  5. hi i just nominated you for a Liebster award. i hope you don't mind