Friday was Red

Wearing: Topshop coat (ebay); Hunter wellies; F&F jumper; Vintage skirt

It got dark at 2pm today. No kidding. Up here in Scotland the weather is turning truly nasty and my walks on the beach remain brisk. Maybe it's the weather, the darkness closing in or pure fact that I am super busy that's making me so sleepy. This week I've wanted to nap every single day. Also, these days I also don't seem to even bother getting dressed. I appear to live in my sports gear and run from training to lectures to home. It's nice to put on some normal clothes for a change. 

I don't know about yourself, but I'm already getting that festive feeling (hence the red). Maybe i'll replace the ribbon with tinsel soon. Last night I had my first mince pies of the year and remembered just how good they are. This time of the season is always bitter sweet. Christmas seems so close but I have to get through many dreaded exams and deadlines first. Eughhh. If you are also bogged down with work, I highly recommend listening to some Mr Buble to calm you down. And if you think its to early to being talking about the festive season, then I apologise sincerely . 

Have a great weekend! 

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